Environmental journalism

Even though I've always known I wanted to be a journalist, I didn't always know what I really loved writing about. I knew that I wanted to cover something that would help make a difference, and I realize my senior year that I was passionate about environmental science.
What sparked my interest in environmental journalism was a project we worked on called "APES (AP Environmental Science) in the News" where we had to find articles from our local paper that related to recent environmental issues and topics. It bothered me that even though I could find at least one article in the paper, they were never deemed newsworthy enough to be placed on the front page. This project inspires me still today -- I want to write stories that matter, and environmental journalism is the best way for me to do just that.
In particular, I'm interested in coastal and beach management, waste management and recycling, and institutional sustainability.
You can read about some of the enviornmental pieces I've written here and here.