Exploring the Products of a Throw-Away Society

Since coming to college, I have discovered a newfound love for recycling and waste management. I love researching it, writing about it, educating other people about it, and photographing it. I started taking pictures of trash in August of 2017 for a photojournalism assignment; now I use my photos and social media as a platform to education my peers and the public about how to dispose of products properly. Through Instagram and Facebook, I share my photos and personal stories about pieces of trash and recyclable materials I find around Athens, Georgia (or wherever I find myself).

"Trashed: Exploring the Products of a Throw-Away Society" project is about the secret life of trash. What happens to our half-full coffee cup when we put it in the recycling bin, where do all of our plastic bags go, and who are the people who spend every single day sorting through the product of our consumption and single-use habit. How do we end our wish-cycling habit, and what will happen to our recycling programs if we don’t?

This project aims to bring light to the universal problem of trash and waste management practices in western society and the effects it has on both developed and under-developed countries. By following various products of our throw-away society on their journeys out of our hands and into the landfill, we have the chance to learn and educate others about the economic, cultural, and environmental importance of proper waste management.

You can check out my podcast about recycling and waste management below!